TVB introduce 10 hit dramas in 2019 – Programme Parade

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A month ago, TVB held the Programme Parade 2019 (similar to their Sales Presentation in Nov 2018) to introduce their 2019 hit dramas.

Native title: 香港國際影視展

1.The Defected – 鐵探

Currently Airing on TVB and will soon to be the first TVB drama to be up on Netflix.

2. Airport Striker – 機場特警

Check out their trailer here

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3. Wonder Women – 多功能老婆

Lead by Miriam Yeung as the wonder woman in the drama, she is one that rarely participates in TVB dramas and focuses more on her music career.

She did shout out during the presentation asking when will the air date gets confirmation, she is waiting to see the final product for very long.

Check out their trailer here

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4. The Man Who Kills Troubles – 解決師

When they first announced, the English title is The Solvers but I guess they have confirmed it in this event. Also, one of the most anticipated drama when I know that Vincent and Natalie joining forces again.

Through the new trailer, it seems like both Vincent and Natalie died in the drama. However, Vincent will have a chance for a second life. Which I’m still confused about which ‘life’ is Natalie in.

Check out their trailer here

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5. Of Greed And Ants – 黃金有罪

Seeing Elaine’s style on her IG post a couple of months back and thinking what drama is she filming. Finally, we have the answer, Of Greed And Ants, is a drama focusing Hong Kong in their glorious 1980s.

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6. Girlie Days – 她她她的少女時代

Woman in her 40s facing a failed marriage, how will she overcome and get back on her feet?

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7. Big White Duel – 白色強人

How can we miss this drama out from the event?

Ever since Kenneth Ma briefly mentioned about him receiving the script of a medical drama, I’m looking forward to it. Now that they are done with the filming and the trailer is out, we are only pending for the concrete release date from TVB.

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8. Al Cappuccino – 極道怪咖

Good to see Vincent and Owen back together for a drama. Can’t wait to see their chemistry.

I’m still not very sure what is this drama about, through the trailer, there are gangsters, filming scenes. But there is a lot of ACTION!

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9. Forensic Heroes IV – 法證先鋒IV

Long story short, this drama is definitely one of the most anticipated series since this is the fourth sequel. However, after her incident, the original plan of November release might face delay or even killed off.

Screenshot 2019-04-21 at 8.56.12 PM.png

As a TVB fan, I hope they are able to refilm scenes with her or find a replacement instead of killing this drama. It is not fair to the entire team and crew’s effort to make this possible.

First time watching the trailer and I really know the production level and standard which is a little tricky.

10. Death by Zero – 殺手

When the drama have both Moses and Ali, I will definitely tune in. Ali gave everyone the strongest impression in Fashion War a few years back which she was Moses’s enemy in the drama. Eventually, she was recognized by her acting as a supporting role and lead her to take on more main lead roles.

Asides that, their speech to promote the drama is cute.

“Everyone has that one person you really hate and dislike. You want to kill him/her but don’t want to dirty your hands? Come to us.”

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Check out their trailer here

For the full presentation

Which are the dramas you are looking forward to the most?

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