TVB release the making of Kids’ Lives Matters prior to the premiere

Kids 039 Lives Matter Main Cast Posters

The upcoming TVB medical drama released a ‘making’ version prior to the premiere of it. Starring Kevin Cheung, Linda Chung, Kennetha Ma, Catherine Chau and more.

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Medical, Romance, Drama, Politics
Native title: 星空下的仁醫
Original network: TVB

The story is set in Princess Anne Hospital primarily in the pediatric department center around 3 doctors Dr. Jonathan Hui, Dr. Amos Fong, and Dr. Eman Cheung. The three batchmates are close friends that intern together, due to one faithful surgery, Jonathan and Amos turned their backs on each other. Decades later, they are back working together in the same hospital, Eman became their mediator.

Kids 039 Life Matters Kevin Cheung Linda Chung And Kenneth Ma
Kevin Cheung, Linda Chung, and Kenneth Ma for Kids’ Life Matters, TVB Drama 2021

Director shared that the story is set in a hospital, not only it is a medical drama but it focuses on the pediatric department. The relationship between the patients and doctor, the complicated feelings that parents have for their sick children. That is the reason why he cast Kevin Cheung, Linda Chung, and Catherine Chau as his main characters. For Kenneth Ma, he is well known to flourish well in doctor roles, so it is natural to cast him for this drama.

Kids 039 Life Matters Kenneth Ma
Kids’ Life Matters – Kenneth Ma

Kenneth Ma shares more of his role, portraying Dr. Amos Fong as a consultant for the pediatric department which mingles a fair bit with hospital politics. He usually trades things with other key stakeholders for something in return. Sounds evil? But his core and at the bottom of his heart, it is always patients first.

Kids 039 Life Matters Kevin Cheung
Kids’ Life Matters – Kevin Cheung

Kevin Cheung shares that it has been 4 years since his last TVB drama and his first time working on a medical-based drama as a doctor. The challenge to him is the technical terms and knowledge required for this role as Jonathan. Jonathan is a hot-temper individual but passionate about saving lives.

Kids 039 Life Matters Linda Chung
Kids’ Life Matters – Linda Chung

Linda Chung shares that her character as Cheung Yi Sam Eman is a strong-witted individual, she is smart and reputable in the industry. Been 5 to 6 years since her last full-on drama with TVB and in the process, she got married and became a mom of two beautiful children. So the way she thinks and the process will definitely differ and can relate more with the drama as a whole.

Kids 039 Life Matters Him Law
Kids’ Life Matters – Him Law

Him Law shares his role as Max who is someone that lacks a lot of confidence but does not means he is not skillful. Max’s mother is a brilliant doctor, growing up he feels the pressure, and even when he became a doctor, Max felt like he is living under her shadow. After moving to work in the pediatric department under Princess Anne Hospital, he starts to grow gradually.

The drama is set to premiere on 18 October 2021, with new episodes out every Monday to Friday.

Check the special edition here

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