TVB upcoming drama ‘7 princesses’ confirmed cast including Priscilla Wong, Rosina Lam and more

Cast for tvb's 7 princesses.

七公主 7 princesses (literal translate) confirms their seven princesses and will commence filming in May 2020.

The seven princesses including Priscilla Wong, Rosina Lam, Samantha Ko, Moon Lau, Kamen Kong, Judy Kwong and Hera Chan.

Priscilla’s role is a clever yet ruthless lawyer. Rosina Lam’s role is a manager. Samantha Ko’s role is a manly and bold driver.

Understand them better

Apart from Hera Chan, I do know the rest of the actresses. Hera Chan is the winner of Ms Hong Kong Pageant 2019.

I like Priscilla Wong 黃翠如 since her role in Karma Rider (師父·明白了), the other more recognized roles are in Two Steps from Heaven (幕後玩家) and Heart and Greed 3 (溏心風暴3). Rosina Lam 林夏薇 role in Our Unwinding Ethos (十二傳說) is probably one of my favorite in 2019. Samantha Ko 高海寧 role in BB is Here (BB來了) is different from her usual roles.

Moon Lau 劉佩玥 stood out most in The Exorcist’s Meter (降魔的), she have also participated in good dramas like Life on the Line (跳躍生命線) and Our Unwinding Ethos (十二傳說). Kaman Kong 江嘉敏 is recognized from her role in Tiger Mom Blues 親親我好媽. Judy Kwong 鄺潔楹 is more active as a KOL and her participation in variety show, however, she do well in her supporting role for the ongoing Come Home Love.

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