Twenty-twenty cast including Kim Woo Seok and Han Sung Min gather for first script reading

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Playlist Studio release images of the cast of Twenty-twenty gathered together for script reading yesterday,

The cast members participate in the script reading includes the main cast Kim Woo Seok, Han Sung Min and other supporting cast includes Park Sang Nam, Chae Won Bin, A.C.E’s Chan, Jin Ho Eun, and Bae Hae Sun.

Source states that they will begin filming in April and it will premiere in July 2020. Another web series to look forward to during summer.

Story is about a group of youngsters turning 20 and things they are going to do that will change their lives. Chae Da Hee (Han Sung Min) always live under the control of her mother (Bae Hye Sun) but things changed after she turned 20 and met Lee Hyun Jin (Kim Woo Seok) who decide to live on his own. Hyun Jin grew up in a totally opposite environment as compared to Da Hee, his parents’ busy career made him feel isolated and lonely growing up.