Twistes in Hello, Miss Driver 下一站。遇见


No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Drama, Business, Romance

The story have evolved to what I will never imagine.

DISCLAIMER: The following content does content spoilers until episode 14. 

Happily Ever After?

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The lead characters’ relationship development is faster than a bullet train. From stranger to friends to couple and MARRIED?

Usually such speedy development will in turn to have more disputes after marriage, more problems they will be facing. But who knows…

Male Lead – Died

At the end of the 10th episode, Fang Wenliang died in a car accident while trying to find Lin Yuxing.

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Honestly, I though it was a joke or a mistake in the script. Just mind blowing fact the male lead is written off the script and story. I was still trying to see and want to see more chemistry between Carrie and Elvin as actors.

3rd Romance for Chenxi

Now this image make sense.

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I’ve watched until episode 14 and from enemy to admire and courtship. Zhao Yiyang (acted by Xubin) realized that he is in love with Lin Chenxi (acted by Carrie) and decided to work hard to prove his capability to her.

I guess the later half of the drama is about them. How Chenxi will slowly accept him as well as how will her family and in-laws think about this.

Husband’s best friend to Boyfriend? 

The Necklace

After the death of Wenliang, it almost tore the family apart and the young wife he left behind needs to be strong and be there for her in-laws while trying to move on.

Chenxi used part of Wenliang’s ashes to make into a necklace so that part of him will always be with her. However, she lost it while her mother-in-law tried to commit suicide.

Devastated and desperate, she went high and low to find the lost necklace and even beg the supplier to make another one which obviously cannot be done with no remaining ashes.

Yiyang found the necklace at the pier and kept it ever since. Will he return to its owner?

Back in the business

After her mother-in-law foolish act that lead to them losing the bus company, all Chenxi left was the mini bus that Wenliang bought for her.

Realizing her husband’s dream of having the biggest fleet of bus in Singapore becomes her dream. Starting small but definitely a new chapter in her life.

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The Villain

The story is good enough, but not the cast. I wish that Lin Yulin is played by a stronger actress that will really bring me into the story. No objection to casting a newbie, but I really pay attention to the acting instead of the script and story more.

6 more episodes before I complete this drama. Really interested to know what will happen and what is the happily ever after that the scriptwriters plot for Chenxi.