Agent C9 to replace Chinatown as the next TVB drama to premiere in September

Agent C9 TVB drama poster
Updates – 9 Sep

TVB is switching out Chinatown 唐人街 with Agent C9 C9特工‬ as the next drama to air right after Al Cappuccino. The drama supposed to premiere on 16 Sep 2019 but was replaced with Barrack O’Karma.

Starring Kenneth Ma, Samantha Ko and Lok Yi Lai. The drama is about happy married couple with hidden identity. The wife is a special agent but she hide her identity to lead a simple life.

Check out the teaser here

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Original post – 23 Aug

The tentative premiere date for the action drama, Chinatown 唐人街 is set on 21 September 2020. This is an action mystery drama set in Thailand’s Chinatown. A place gathered martial arts experts in different genre.

Starring Ruco Chan, Joel Chan, Philip Ng, Grace Wong, Natalie Wong, Elanie Yiu, Moon Lau, Qiu Yuen and more. The cast went all out learning new action moves, getting bruises every day while filming for the drama.

For those who watched A Fist within Four Walls 城寨英雄 in 2016, it will be somewhat similar content but a different set and collaborating cast. However we have a few actors/actresses from the same drama moving to Chinatown 唐人街, including Ruco Chan, Philip Ng, Grace Wong, Qiu Yuen, Moon Lau giving us more action.

Check out the teaser from 3:12 onwards.

Check out the interview here

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  1. Thank you for your reply in spite of my disappointment. By the way, Agent C9 is quite entertaining and features some real great actors. Sometimes the release dates of certain dramas may have to cope with other cities/channels. This is understandable. I was hoping to see CHINA TOWN in 2020 not only because of Ruco Chan, also because of Mrs Lily Leung who passed away shortly after she completed CHINA TOWN. Have been waiting for over one and half years to see her last drama.

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