What we know about upcoming idol drama – Imitation

Imitation - Drama poster

The upcoming KBS idol drama starring Jeong Ji So, U-KISS’s Lee Jun Young, T-ara’s Park Ji Yeon, ATEEZ’s Jeong Yun Ho, SF9’s Chani, PRISTIN’s Im Na Young, and more, is gearing up for its debut in May 2021.

No. of episodes: 12
Genre: Idol, Romance, Comedy, Music, Showbiz
Native title: 이미테이션
Original network: KBS, Kakao

Imitation - Drama poster
Imitation – Drama poster

Imitation is a drama based on the ever-popular K-pop industry and the main characters are living and breathing in daily. Lee Ma Ha (Jeong Ji So) was an idol in a not-so-well-known Kpop group, she was a little famous due to her resemblance to another soloist. Ma Ha accidentally injures another male idol Hyuk. Emotions got snowballed and everyone was against Ma Ha but stirred into a variety show together.

The Kpop Groups

The drama circles around three main Kpop groups including Tea Party, SHAX, and Sparkling. They even open their social media account on Twitter for you to follow!

Tea Party

Tea Party is a 3-member girl group with members Lee Ma Ha (Jeong Ji So), Shim Hyun Ji (PRISTIN’s Im Na Young), and Yu Ria (Ki Min Seo). CEO Ji Hak (Danny Ahn) is the agency that created Tea Party.


SHAX is a 5-member boy group that is already popular. The members including Kwon Ryok (UKISS’s Lee Jun Young), Do Jin (Park Yuri), Han Jae Woo (Ahn Jung Hoon), Lee Hyun (SF9’s Hwiyoung), and Hyuk (ATEEZ’s Choi Jong Ho).


Sparkling is a rival group to SHAX, this Kpop group has 4 members including Lee Yu Jin (ATEEZ’s Jeong Yun Ho), Hyun Oh (Boys Republic’s Lee Soo Woong), Se Young ( ATEEZ’s Park Seong Hwa), and Min Soo (ATEEZ’s Choi San)


This teaser, it begins with the already successful Kpop group SHAX and their performance on stage with a massive crowd. On the other hand, Lee Ma Ha is struggling as a trainee in hopes to make it to debut. After debuting as Tea Party, they are warned to produce a hit song if not that will be their last.

The drama is set to premiere on 7 May 2021, 11:20 PM (KST).