‘Youth with You’ 2 collaboration stages with KUN, Blackpink’s Lisa, Ella and more

Youth with you season 2 - trainees mentor collab stage

Maybe the most anticipated part for me since South Korea version did not have this segment during Produce series. Since Youth with You collaboration stage is really eye catching to me, especially Jolin Tsai x male trainees.

Back to current time, the Top 35 female trainees gets the chance to do a stage collaboration with their ideal mentor and we have a total of 6 stages with special 2 stages from Silence and 3 members from Nine percent.

Here are my favorite stages by order. Due to the Covid19 situation, both Ella and Lisa’s stages are film in a separate locations.


#1 Lover – Cai Xu Kun

Trainees under Kun team includes Kiki Xu*, Eliwa Xu, Gia Ge, Babymonster An*, Xin Wen Xu, and LingZi Liu. This song deserves a slot on Spotify and Apple Music! ON REPEAT!

A unreleased new song that Kun compose. If you see his stages before, it is not the kind of music I appreciate, but this just took me by surprise and I love it!

#2 No Need to Guess – Jony J

Trainees under Jony J team includes Bunny Zhang*, NineOne, Sharon Wang*, and Marco Lin. The track that I hope it will be available on Spotify!

#3 It’s Okay – THEO, Lil Ghost and BOGGIE (NINE PERCENT)

Trainees under them include Bubble Zhu, Juicy Zuo, Flora Dai, Hana Lin, Frhanm Shangguan, Xinran Song, Taka Zhang

I like how their parts are divided almost equally despite having the most people on the stage. It feels like how two kpop groups do a collaborate stage.

BONUS: Cho Seungyoun (former X1) made this song under his producer name ‘WOODZ’

#4 Goodnight Song – Ella Chen

Trainees under Ella includes Yan Yu, Yu Zhang, Jue Chen, Joey Chua, Three, and Meddhi Fu.

Ella’s song always touches your heart, deep down your heart. The ballad is nice, even though it is not as impact-ful as the dance stages but it will definitely make more appearance in the Karaoke system.

Tie for the other two performance

Never Give Up – Silence

Trainees under Silence team includes Shaking, Roada Xu, Momo, Diamond, DDD and Xiaotang Zhao.

I’m not yours – Lisa

Which stage do you like best?

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