Ending Again

The drama is about two people entering a contractual marriage to be eligible to receive the government financial support for Newlyweds

  • No. of episodes: 12
  • Genre: Web drama, Romance, Youth, Contract Relationship
  • Native title: 또한번 엔딩
  • Original network: MBC, Playlist Studio
  • Premiere: 8 Feb 2020

Ending Again is the third sequel from Flower Ever After and Best Ending. We have a cameo from Jung Gun Joo as Choi Woong, Choi Hee Jin as Go Min Chae, and Kim Min Jong as Go Min Chang.


Kim Geon Won

Do Yoon Soo

Jo Soo Min

Chan In Young

Kang Hui

Yoo Chan Hee

Kim Seo An

So Hye Go

Ma Si Hwan

Team Leader

Kim Min Jong

Go Min Chang

Yoo Jae Pil

Park Gyoo

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