Fake Princess

Identity changed, a mountain bandit Chang Le enters the palace to marry the Crown Prince Li Che using another identity, Liu Yu Yao who happens to look exactly like her. To make sure her entire clan will be release safely from the government, Chang Le agree to be Liu Yu Yao for 3 months.

No. of episodes: 27
Genre: Historical, Comedy, Romance, Action
Native title: 山寨小萌主
Original network: Mango TV

Premiere: 17 May 2020

Rating: 4 out of 5.



Zhao Yi Qin

Crown Prince Li Che

Eleanor Lee

Chang Le, Liu Yu Yao

Garvey Jin

Prince Li Heng

Wang Yi Tian

Nong Ying, Liu Shuang Shuang

Sun Xue Ning

Lady Zhu Yan

Chen Si Yu

Gong Sun Mo

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