Genie in a Cup

The fantasy drama is set in the competitive e-commerce world. Xiao Qian always wanted to work for her idol Ma Dabao in his e-commerce empire ‘Wa Dao Bao’ but was rejected. She joined his son’s startup company, Goreach and Ma De Ming slowly fell for her. Ma Dabao was being electrocuted and his spirit trapped in an AI Juice Cup owned by Xiao Qian. Only Xiao Qian can see Ma Dabao. Will she help to solve the mystery and find the mastermind and his body?

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Fantasy, Business, Romance
Native title: 哇到宝!
Original network: Channel 8

Premiere: 18 Feb 2022



Chen Han Wei

Ma Dabao

Tasha Low

Xiao Qian

Xu Bin

Ma Deming

Shawn Thia

Ma Deming

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