GOT is GET in past tense which means “GET”. 7 in the West is the representative of the lucky numbers. Together, GOT7 겟세븐 stands for “seven lucky people together forever”. GOT7 made their debut on 16 Jan 2014 with the album, EP, Got it? and title track Girls Girls Girls. Under JYP Entertainment in the 2nd division, GOT7 consists of seven (7) members.

They ended their exclusive 7 years contract on 19 Jan 2021 and left JYP Entertainment to pursue their respective stages. GOT7 did not disband and got their rights to continue promoting using ‘GOT7’ in the future together.

GOT7 - AAA 2020 Daesang
GOT7’s first DAESANG at AAA 2020


Jay B

Jay B

Birth Name: Lim Jae Beom
Hangul Name: 임재범
Born: 6 Jan 1994, Siheung-si, South Korea
Producer Name: Def.


Music Groups: GOT7 (since 2014), JJ Project (since 2012), Jus2 (since 2019), OFFSHORE (since 2019)

Mark Tuan - GOT7

Mark Tuan

Birth Name: Mark Tuan
Chinese Name:  段宜恩
Born: 4 Sep 1993, LA, United States

Agency: Creative Artists Agency (CAA)

Music Group: GOT7 (since 2014)

Jackson Joins Sublime Artist Agency Jpg Ssl 1

Jackson Wang

Birth Name: Jackson Wang
Hangul Name: 왕잭슨
Chinese Name: 王嘉爾
Born: 28 Mar 1994, Hong Kong

Agency: TEAM WANG, SUBLIME Artists Agency

Music Groups: GOT7 (since 2014), PANTHEPACK (since 2021)

Jinyoung Gq Korea Jun 2021 4

Park Jin Young

Birth Name: Park Jin Young
Hangul Name: 박진영
Previously known as JR, Junior
Born: 22 Sep 1994, Jinhae-gu, Changwon-si, South Korea

Agency: BH Entertainment

Music Groups: GOT7 (since 2014), JJ Project (since 2012)

Youngjae Sublime Official Jpg Ssl 1

Choi Youngjae

Birth Name: Choi Youngjae
Hangul Name: 최영재
Born: 17 Sep 1996, Mokpo-si, South Korea

Agency: Sublime Artist Agency

Music Group: GOT7 (since 2014)

Bambam Dazed Jun 2021 3


Birth Name: Kunpimook Bhuwakul
Hangul Name: 뱀뱀
Thai Name: กันต์พิมุกต์ ภูวกุล
Born: 2 May 1997, Bangkok, Thailand

Agency: Abyss Company

Music Group: GOT7 (since 2014)

GOT7 Kim Yugyeom

Kim Yugyeom

Birth Name: Kim Yugyeom
Hangul Name: 김유겸
Chinese Name: 金有謙
Born: 17 Nov 1997, Namyangju-si, South Korea

Agency: AOMG

Music Groups: GOT7 (since 2014), Jus2 (since 2019)

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