The story is set in an apocalyptic world where infectious diseases are a new norm. The city hit its bottom line when the infectious disease hits them, people are suffering from unabated thirst.

No. of episodes: 12
Genre: Thriller, Romance, Horror, Action, Military
Native Title: 해피니스
Original network: tvN

Premiere: 5 Nov 2021

Rating: 5 out of 5.



Park Hyung Sik

Jung Yi Hyun

Han Hyo Joo

Yoon Sae Bom

Jo Woo Jin

Han Tae Seok

Lee Joon Hyuk

Lee Joon Hyuk

Kim Jeong Gook

Park Joo Hee

Lee Ji Soo

Baek Hyun Jin

Oh Joo Hyung
(Level 6)

Song Ji Woo

Park Seo Yoon
(Level 5)

Bae Hae Seon

Bae Hae Seon

Oh Yeon Ok
(Level 12)

Han Joon Woo

Kim Se Hoon
(Level 15, Penthouse)

Moon Ye Won

Woo Sang Hee
(Level 6)

Park Hyung Soo

Gook Hae Sung
(Level 6)

Jung Woon Sun

Shin So Yoon
(Level 6)

Park Hee Bon

Na Hyun Kyung
(Level 4)

Na Chul

Na Soo Min
(Level 4)

Kang Han Saem

Kim Dong Hyun
(Level 3)

Kim Young Woong

Go Se Gyu
(Level 2)

Lee Ji Ha

Ji Moon Hee
(Level 2)

Lee Joo Seung

(Level 2)

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