Hello, the Sharpshooter

Tang Xin reunite with Yuan Shen Qing after they drift apart after high school days. Now one is a promising pistol shooter and another is an interviewer/ reporter assigned to their team. They are on the same line and aiming for a bigger stage, to represent China for Olympics.

No. of episodes: 40
Genre: Sports, Romance
Native Title: 你好,神枪手
Original network: Tencent Video

Premiere: 2 Feb 2022



Hu Yi Tian

Shen Qing Yuan

Fair Xing Fei

Tang Xin

Kido Ma Si Chao

Du Ling Feng

Wendy Luo Qiu Yun

Shi Xiao Ci

Zheng Yi Ming

Chen Hai

Jackey Zhu Zi Jie

Tang Li Qi

Niu Chao

Jiang Yi Tian

Shi Ming Ze

Zhou Yue

Wang Dong

Zhou Zu Gang

Bazaar X Hello, the Sharpshooter

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