Imitation is a drama based on the ever-popular K-pop industry and the main characters are living and breathing in daily.

No. of episodes: 12
Genre: Idol, Romance, Comedy, Music, Showbiz, Friendship
Native title: 이미테이션
Original network: KBS, iQiyi

Premiere: 7 May 2021

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Imitation - Drama poster
  • Imitation - Drama - SHAX
  • Imitation - Drama - Sparkling
  • Imitation - Drama - Tea Party - Yu Ria by Kim Min Seo
  • Imitation - Drama - Tea Party - Shim Hyun Ji by Im Na Young
  • Imitation - Drama - Tea Party - Lee Ma Ha by Jeong Ji So
  • Imitation - Drama - SHAX - Lee Hyun by Hwi Young
  • Imitation - Drama - SHAX - Kwon Ryuk by Lee Jun Young
  • Imitation - Drama - SHAX - Hyuk by Choi Jong Ho
  • Imitation - Drama - SHAX - Han Jae Woo by Ahn Jung Hoon
  • Imitation - Drama - SHAX - Do Jin by Park Yuri
  • Imitation - Drama - Sparkling - Lee Yu Jin by Jeong Yun Ho
  • Imitation - Drama - Sparkling - Hyun Oh by Lee Soo Woong
  • Imitation - Drama - Sparkling - Se Young by Park Seong Hwa
  • Imitation - Drama - Sparkling - Min Soo by Choi San



Jeong Ji So

Lee Ma Ha
(Tea Party member)

Lee Jun Young

Kwon Ryok
(SHAX member)

Park Ji Yeon

La Li Ma

Jeong Yun Ho

Lee Yoo Jin
(Sparkling member)

Kim Min Seo

Yu Ri Ah
(Tea Party member)

Im Na Young

Shim Hyun Ji
(Tea Party member)

Danny Ahn

Ji Hak
(JH Entertainment CEO)

Hwi Young

Kang Lee Hyun
(SHAX member)

Ahn Jung Hoon

Han Jae Woo
(SHAX member)

Gong Jung Hwan

Park Ji Man
(NOG Entertainment CEO)

Choi Jong Ho

Yoon Hyuk
(SHAX member)

Park Yuri

Bang Do Jin
(SHAX member)

Oh Hee Joon

Koo Da Kwon
(SHAX Manager)


Lee Eun Jo
(ex-SHAX member)

Shim Eun Jin

Byun Jung Hee

Lee Soo Woong

Hyun Oh
(Sparkling member)

Park Seong Hwa

Nam Se Young
(Sparkling member)

Choi San

Min Soo
(Sparkling member)

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