Joseon Exorcist

The drama is set in the Joseon era, a story of the undead who came back to life after being ordered to kill by the royal family. Prince Chung Nyeong is a young man that prefers books to war but was forced to the field to protect Joseon from the evil spirits.

  • No. of episodes: 16
  • Genre: Historical, Drama, Horror, Action, Family
  • Original network: SBS, Viki
  • Native title: 조선구마사
  • Premiere: 22 Mar 2021


Jang Dong Yoon

Prince Chung Nyung

Park Sung Hoon

Prince Yang Nyung

Kam Woo Sung

King Tae Jong

Kim Dong Jun

Byeo Ri

Jung Hye Sung

Mul Hwa

Lee Yoo Bi

Eo Ri

Geum Sae Rok

Hye Yum

Oh Eui Shik

Ji Gyeom

Min Jin Woong

Ying Chun

Hong Woo Jin

Hong Seok Jung

Seo Dong Won


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