Kids' Lives Matter - TVB Drama Poster

The story is set in Princess Anne Hospital primarily in the pediatric department center around 3 doctors Dr. Jonathan Hui, Dr. Amos Fong, and Dr. Eman Cheung. The three batchmates are close friends that intern together, due to one faithful surgery, Jonathan and Amos turned their backs on each other. Decades later, they are back working together in the same hospital, Eman became their mediator.

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Medical, Romance, Friendship
Native title: 星空下的仁醫
Original network: TVB

Premiere: 18 Oct 2021



Kevin Cheung

Dr. Jonathan Hui

Linda Chung

Linda Chung

Dr. Eman Cheung

Kenneth Ma

Dr. Amos Fong

Catherine Chau

Catherine Chau

Dr. Kay Mak

Him Law

Dr. Shawn Man

Bowie Cheung

Bowie Cheung

Dr. Candice Lin

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