Kkondae Intern

The drama is about a type of person labeled as Kkondae, defined as a person who is rigid and old school. Ga Yeol Chan landed his first office job at a ramen company but his superior Lee Man Sik is a kkondae and always forced his way on Yeol Chan.

  • No. of episodes: 12
  • Genre: Business, Comedy
  • Original network: MBC, Netflix
  • Native title: 꼰대인턴
  • Premiere: 20 May 2020


Kim Eung Soo

Lee Man Shik

Park Hae Jin

Ga Yeol Chan

Han Ji Eun

Lee Tae Ri

Noh Jong Hyun

Joo Yoon Soo

Park Ah In

Tak Jung Eun

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