‘K-POP’ 케이팝 is a genre of music originate from South Korea, the Land of Kimchi. Kpop can trace back all the way to the 90’s where we have the 1st Generation of idols like H.O.T., S.E.S. GOD and many more.

Terms to note, every group or soloist have their own fan club (‘fandom’) and ever since the 3rd generation started, many idols start to create their official light sticks (‘bong’).

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Groups I love

There are many roles and places within a group and depends on the number of members.

  • Leader
  • Main vocalist
  • Lead vocalist
  • Main Rapper
  • Lead Rapper
  • Main Dancer
  • Lead Dancer
  • Magnae 막내 (the youngest member)
GOT7 (Fandom: iGOT7 or commonly known as Ahgase)
  • X1 (now, I do follow them individually for updates and hoping for the unit group.)
  • BTOB (Fandom: Melody)
  • SHINee (Fandom: Shawols)
  • Blackpink (Fandom: Blink)
  • and many more

Soloist I love

How I started

I started to follow Kpop since late 2008 when SHINee made its debut. To know more about the five boys, I start to link them with other idol groups from their agency, SM Entertainment who is the strongest during the 2nd Generation of Kpop. Under SM Entertainment, we have TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls Generation, SHINee and later on f(x).

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