GOT is GET in past tense which means “GET”. 7 in the West is the representative of the lucky numbers. Together, GOT7 겟세븐 stands for “seven lucky people together forever”. GOT7 made their debut on 16 Jan 2014 with the album, EP, Got it? and title track Girls Girls Girls. Under JYP Entertainment in the 2nd division, GOT7 consists of seven (7) members.

They have ended their exclusive contract on 19 Jan 2021 and left JYP Entertainment to pursue their respective stages.

GOT7 - AAA 2020 Daesang
GOT7’s first DAESANG at AAA 2020

Latest News

GOT7 Encore 2021

Jay B

Mark Tuan

Jackson Wang

Jackson joins Sublime Artist Agency

Park Jinyoung

Choi Youngjae


Kim Yugyeom

How it started

GOT7 - Girls Girls Girls remake

GOT7 Hard Carry 2.5

GOT7 Real Thai

GOT7 Real Thai

GOT7 Hard Carry

GOT7 Hard Carry 1 and 2

GOT2DAY 2019



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