X1 엑스원

x1 quantum leap image
x1 quantum leap image

X1 is a South Korean project boy group formed by CJ E&M through an idol survival program Produce X 101. Members are from different agencies but managed under Swing Entertainment during X1 promotion period for 5 years. However, the controversy caused the disbandment of the group after 5 months since debut.

The members

Members include Han Seung Woo, Cho Seung Young (WOODZ), Kim Woo Seok, Kim Yo Han, Lee Han Gyul, Cha Jun Ho, Son Dong Pyo, Kang Min Hee, Lee Eun Sang, Song Hyeong Jun and Nam Do Hyon.

Fun facts

WeBareBear of X1: Seungwoo, Yohan and Junho
(Reason: They are stuck together for all the performance/stages in PDX101)

The Team Rocket: Hangyul, Seungyoun, and Dohyon
(Reason: They love to annoy Seungwoo and usually Wooseok will step in to stop them.)