X1 엑스원

X1 is a boy group formed by CJ E&M through a reality show, Produce X 101. The final 11 trainees out of 101 made up X1. Managed by Swing Entertainment, all the boys comes from different agency but will be promoting together as X1 for (2.5+2.5) years under Swing.

The Official Accounts

The Members

Some Fun Facts

WeBareBear of X1: Seungwoo, Yohan and Junho
(Reason: They are stuck together for all the performance/stages in PDX101)

The Team Rocket: Hangyul, Seungyoun, and Dohyon
(Reason: They love to annoy Seungwoo and usually Wooseok will step in to stop them.)

Timeline of X1

  • Pre-debut – PDX101 days

    19 Jul 2019 – The final episode of Produce X 101 aired and 11 finalist chosen to form a new Kpop group called, X1.

  • 1st Mini Album (2019): EP – Emergency: Quantum Leap

    27 Aug 2019 – Title track: FLASH