Law School

The drama is set in a prestigious top law school in South Korea. The death of a professor on the campus caught all the professors and students in the mysterious case. 

  • No. of episodes: 16
  • Genre: Legal, Investigation, School
  • Original network: JTBC, Netflix
  • Native title: 로스쿨
  • Premiere: 14 April 2021



Kim Myung Min

Yang Jong Hoon

Ryu Hye Young

Kang Sol (A)

Kim Bum

Han Joon Hwi

Lee Jung Eun

Kim Eun Sook

Lee David

Seo Ji Ho

Lee Soo Kyung

Kang Sol (B)

Hyun Woo

Yoo Seung Jae

Go Yoon Jung

Jeon Ye Seul

Kim Min Seok

Jo Ye Bum

Ki Hae Yeon

Oh Jeong Hee

Woo Hyun

Sung Dong Il

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