Love & Wish

Romance between two high school students, Son Da Eun is the youngest among 3 sisters the bubble girl fell for Kim Seung Hyu when she move into the same building. Love at first sight, she realise he is in the same class on her first day of transfer and been aggressively approaching him.

Cold Kim Seung Hyu has his own secrets and always a very reserve person in school. Bubbly Son Da Eun was not her bubbly self and even crowned as ‘Ice Princess’ in her previous school.

No. of episodes: 9
Genre: Web drama, Romance, Melodrama, Youth, Friendship, School
Native Title: 러브 앤 위시
Original network: Kakao TV

Premiere: 24 Dec 2021

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.



Choi Youngjae

Kim Seung Hyu

Choi Ye Bin

Son Da Eun

Yoo Jae Sang

Na Yoo Il

Kim So Ra

So Da In

Lee Seo Bin

Go Eun Ha

Sa Hee

Son Da Mi

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