The drama is set in a reputable Arts School where students inspire to make their debut goes. Han Yoo Sung was being called the fake Ji Soo Bin and was trapped and entangled back with the person he don’t want to see again. Ro Shi successfully made her debut as a centre of the girl group, but she was bullied by the other members and make her think, if she is really living her dream.

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Web drama, Youth, School, Showbiz
Native title: 미미쿠스
Original network: Playstudio

Premiere date: 22 Jul 2022



Yoo Young Jae

Han Yoo Sung

Jo Yuri

Oh Ro Shi

Kim Yoon Won

Ji Soo Bin


Shin Da Ra

Oh Jae Woong

Woo Jae Young

Lee Yoon Ji

Lee Mi Yeon

Kim Myung Chan

Hyeon Woo

Jung Hyun Joon

Han Yoo Sung (Young)

Ki Eun Yoo

Ji Soo Bin (Young)

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