5 Netflix Movies I love – Romance/Comedy

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For those who love Rom-Com, Romance, Comedy, High-school related kind of movies, this is a post you definitely want to check it out. (Oh, and you need a Netflix account as well.)

If you are expecting to see recommendations for horror or thriller, this is definitely not a post you would want to scroll down.

Here are my top 5 movies from Netflix

1. Isn’t this romantic

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This is definitely the best rom-com movie I’ve watched on Netflix. Unlike the usual rom-com, this movie literally brings you the romance that will only appear in the movies to someone that does not even believe in love.

After watching the entire movie, I feel that the message that was sent across to me is self-love. You have to love yourself, show more care and confidence in you before you are ready and open to accept others.

Of course, I love that Priyanka Chopra and Liam Hemsworth are in this movie as well. 

Watch it here!

2. The Kissing Booth

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I was not prepared or even have the chance to imagine what the movie will turn out when my sister hit the play button.

Turns out, it is a good movie and I did not leave the TV until it ended.

Watch it here!

3. The Princess Switch

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This is a very Christmas-y movie that will get you into the mood even better during the winter season.

Vanessa Hudgens plays two different characters in this movie. The two individuals are blown away by their resemblance and the princess (her) wants to experience what it is like to be just a normal person. Out of curiosity, both decide to switch their identity for a week.

The movie will be focusing on her mainly, and how both (the characters she plays) deal with situations they never even dream of having.

It is a happy ending, I mean, who will want to spoil your mood on our favourite season of the year!

Definitely, feel that this is better than A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding.

Watch it here!

4. To All the Boy I loved

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It is a romance drama that I did not really give many thoughts about it before. Writing a letter to every crush just to voice out and confess.

Things got out of control when her sister really mail all the letters to her ex-crushes and how she went by trying to salvage every single mail.

Anyway, they announce the sequel to this movie and hope it will turn out great!

5. #realityhigh

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Classic high school drama with the “IT Girl” and the female lead trying not to be the nerd and end up losing herself and her best friend to the fame and praises.

It is more like a reminder of not losing yourself just to fit in or prove that you are better. Instead, focus on your initial heart and voice and improve from there. People will eventually recognise you.

Watch it here!

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