GOT7’s Park Jinyoung in talks to join Yoo Ah In in movie – High Five

Park Jinyoung, Yoo Ah In, Oh Jung Se

It is revealed that GOT7’s Park Jinyoung is offered a role to join the upcoming fantasy movie High Five starring Yoo Ah In, Ahn Jae Hong, Oh Jung Se, Ra Mi Ran, Kim Hee Won, Lee Jae In, and more.

Park Jinyoung

Said that Jinyoung is currently reviewing the offer and currently he is wrapping up with the filming of an upcoming tvN legal drama, Devil Judge that will premiere in July 2021.

If he accepts this project, we will be anticipating the following from Actor Park.

  • Drama: Devil Judge in July 2021
  • Movie: The Angel Without, The Devil Within (aka Yacha)
  • pending – Drama: Yumi’s Cell Season 2
  • pending – movie: High Five
K Movie High Five Cast Lineup
Park Jinyoung, Yoo Ah In, Oh Jung Se

Enough said, back to the movie. Leading by Director Kang Hyung Chul who has created past K- Movies I’m sure you know of. Example Sunny in 2011, Tazza: The Hidden Card in 2014, and the most recent Swing Kids in 2018.

The movie is about five ordinary humans that developed supernatural powers after receiving an organ transplant from the same person. The organ donor possessed supernatural power to seek justice and now it is passed to the receivers.

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