Review: Friend Zone

Friend Zone Thai Movie 2019 featuring Baifern and Nine.

Duration: 2 hours
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Native Title: Friend Zone ระวัง..สิ้นสุดทางเพื่อน
Available on Netflix

The movie was first aired on 2019’s Valentine’s Day. Story about Palm (Nine) stuck in the friend zone with his best of friend Gink (Baifern) since high school. Over the years, they grow closer to each other.

Who drew the line first?

Everything begins when Gink went to investigate if her father really cheated outside, Palm drove the car while they trace him closely behind. Even flew to Chiangmai and found out the truth. On their way back, Gink was devastated.

Palm calm her down and told her that he love her. Then clarify that the love is for a friend, since friends will not break up.

Not always waiting

Even if the feelings are mutual, both still has colorful dating life. Palm broke up with countless dates and knew he will compare any of them to Gink unknowingly. Whereas, Gink pretty much stuck with the high school boyfriend and after him, she was with a music producer Ted (Jason Young).

Tracing down

Gink confessed to Palm that even though she dislike the idea of ringing the wedding bells, she want to marry Ted as soon as possible. Being a music producer, Ted meet up with beautiful singers from different countries. Gink starts to suspect something fishy is going on.

Just a call away ~ Palm will use his perks as fight attendant to fly with her to anywhere she wants to go. Ted is really cheating.

What will Gink choose?