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Love O2o 11

I love the drama version of Love O2O and really feel that cringe every time the male and female leads get together.

Recently, Netflix introduces the Movie Version into the library and I’ve decided to watch to see the difference apart from the changed of both leads.

From my understanding, they remake it into a movie version after seeing the drama being so successful. Introducing Angelababy as the female lead will definitely secure some profits in the box office.

The differences – cast

The obvious difference is the change in cast. However, the movie version did retain one character which ends up having two different roles, Cao Guang.

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Left: Angelababy in the movie version. Right: Zheng Shuang in the drama version (original) 
Review Love O2o Movie
Left: Boran Jing in the movie version. Right: Yangyang in the drama version. (original) 

Since the movie is a condensed version to the drama, quite a few characters did not appear in the script and the change of the nature of Cao Guang.

Understand the movie is under 2 hours, but the change in the nature of the characters did disappoint me.

Maybe Yangyang really did well as Xiao Nai, the aura, the character and way he speaks etc, really do connect well with the character. Also, Zheng Shuang visually did match really well with Yangyang as a college student, a small fangirl with her own charm.

On the other hand, the movie cast did not bring me back to college life but they look more like fighting in the corporate world.


The movie production did focus on more “in-game” elements and details. The movie has an actual set and background in the game, whereas the drama mostly builds on CG effects.

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React scene of one of the most memorable scenes. 

If you really don’t have the time, the movie version will be good but do note that the similarities took up for a good 60% (to me). 

For the full review of the drama version, you can check it out here.

Rating: 🥔🥔 (2.5)

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