Review: The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity

The Yin-Yang Master Dream of Eternity

Netflix’s film The Yin-Yang Master Dream of Eternity 晴雅集 is an adaptation of a Japanese novel series Onmyoji. The mystical fantasy historical world where humans and supernatural beings co-exist together.

After the passing of his master, Qing Ming (Mark Chao You Ting) was summoned to the imperial city on behalf of their practitioner as Ying Yang Master. Along with him, there are 3 other masters that will be heading towards the imperial city and task to protect the empress against the evil snake spirit.

Cast of Yinyang Master - Dream of Eternity
Cast of Yinyang Master – Dream of Eternity

On the first day in the city, he met his match Bo Ye (Allen Deng Lun) who end up becoming one of his closest friends and best alliance. They entered the palace for the celestial ritual to trap the evil snake spirit along with Long Ye (Jessie Li Jun Jie) and met He Shou Ye (Wang Duo) who host them on behalf of Princess Zhang Ping (Olivia Wang Zi Wen).

Will they able to trap or even kill the strongest evil spirit that survived for centuries?

Check out the teaser here

Overall, it is an interesting movie with heavily invest on CG and special effects.

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