Thoughts about ‘Coco’ (2017)

Coco (2017) movie

Coco is not a recent movie, it was released years ago and I first heard it after watching GOT7’s Jinyoung appearing in My Unexpected Housemate. Finally caught up with it and I’m glad that I did not miss it.

Coco is a movie about a young boy Miguel who wants to pursue his love for music despite of family’s tradition of the hate of music. To prove himself, he want to participate in a city competition and perform in the public. However, he is missing a guitar and he stole from the dead.

He end up stumbles into the Land of the Dead and met his ancestors which he will learn more about his great-great-grandfather who was a legendary singer and musician.


Land of the Dead

After he accidentally entered into the Land of the Dead, he met with his ancestors and in order to return back to life, he needs their ‘blessing’. Miguel’s great-great-grandmother is the leader and the boss even in afterlife and her condition to send him back is “not to touch music ever”.

Bumping around the Land of the Dead with tonnes of adventure, the entire movies just brings me to this;

Never forget how much your family loves you.

Coco (2017)

Remember me

Never expect my tears will run towards the end of the movie, but its a beautiful one. Highly recommend everyone to catch this brilliant movie.

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