Thoughts on ‘Exit’ by Jo Jung Suk and Im Yoona

Exit (2019) Movie poster

If you are not sure, ‘Exit’ was aired in Korea last Summer and I finally caught it after seeing the option out on VIU.

Duration: 1hr 43min
Native title: 엑시트
Genre: Action, Comedy

Lee Young Nam (Jo Jung Suk) is one of the best rock climbers in his college and was a senior to Eui Ju (Im Yoona) who also climb well. He did not have any luck anywhere after graduation which leads him to be jobless and living off his parents.

After he was rejected by Eui Ju, he still has a crush on her. For his mother’s 70th birthday party, he insist to host it at Dream Garden where Eui Ju works at.

Escape GIF

Suddenly a disaster strikes when one person release toxic gas and cover the entire Central station district. In order to save him, his family and the staff, Young Nam risk everything and use his rock climbing skills to open the rooftop door.

Thoughts On 039 Exit 039 By Jo Jung Suk And Im Yoona

Just when he though it is the end, he did not manage to board the safety helicopter due to the weight limit. After which, Young Nam and Eui Ju begin their journey to survive while climbing to a higher building while the toxic is building up.

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Overall I really like the movie, it is pretty intense and you will not realise the time passed so fast.

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