Thoughts on the ‘Snowy Road’

Snowy Road movie

Fiction movie that took place during the World War II times when we see different perspective of comfort women. The movie is a sad but yet beautiful friendship between two friends who lived in the same village; Choi Jong Boon (Kim Hyang Gi) and Kang Young Ae (Kim Sae Ron).

Duration: 2 hours
Native title: 눈길

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Story begins when we see Jong Boon (Kim Young Ok) in her late age disguise and living as Young Ae. She is living alone in Seoul and Young Ae’s soul is growing with her in her apartment. Things start to reveal when she is trying to help a homeless high school student living next door.

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Young Ae is a smart young ambition girl studying Japanese in school in 1944, Jong Boon is just another girl living in the village who envy Young Ae’s position to be able to study in school and has a crush on her older brother, Kang Yeong Joo (Seo Young Joo).

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After the Japanese went to their village and took Yeong Joo with them, Young Ae lost her brother and want to reunite with him ASAP. She took on as a leader to help the Japanese during the war, what she knows is they are heading to Japan but what she did not know, they are sent to be comfort women.

Jong Boon was kidnapped from her house when her mother is out of town.

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Young Ae try to take her life away as she did not want to continue living like that and Jong Boon pull her back to live and convince her everything will be alright and they will make it back home eventually.

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Did not know that the Japanese was defeated and they are soon get killed. They were forced to change into nurse uniforms and took a picture to cover up what they are actually forced to do. (This is real and relates to a few evidence through the post war testimonials and evidence.)

Fortunately, they did not die on site and immediately try their best to walk back to their hometown which is 1 month away by foot.

It is really a must watch for those who are interested to know more about the happenings during the world times.

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