10 Best GOT7 dance videos

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Entering their sixth (6th) year in the KPOP industry.  #5yearswithGOT7 #5yearswithiGOT7

There are way more than 10 amazing videos of them, but I will narrow it down based on different categories that I love and have been watching it on repeat since I first saw it.

Without further ado let’s start the Dance version!

#1 Lullaby Relay Dance

This is the song that got me sunk into the GOT7’s charm and this is one of the first few Lullaby videos that was released at the point of time.

(PS: I was still confused about Gyeomi and Youngjae back then.)

#2 Teenager Dance Practice

Honestly, the first time I was reading and really understand the lyrics, my first thought was “WHAT?!”.

But after I watch this dance practice and really love them (GOT7), I do understand the songwriter’s (which is defsoul, JB) view and feel.

#3 You Are Dance Practice

From the clothes that they are wearing, it is easy to spot that this is filmed on the same day as the Teenager dance practice.

The choreography is really so so so good! Precise and smooth!

#4 If You Do x2 version on Weekly Idol

I did watch this before I really got to know them. My initial thoughts while watching were “WOAH, they really sync!”, “Who are they, again?”, “Woah this, *repeat again*”

You will get it when you watch it! (Missing Bambam)

#5 Home Run Dance Practice

One of the few songs that I fell in love with after I watched the dance practice version.

#6 Hard Carry Dance Practice

Wild, dark, fierce! Hard Carry is probably one of the most difficult choreography that they have since debuted.

#7 Hard Carry x2 version on Weekly Idol

When you watch how amazingly difficult yet awesome dance in the original dance practice in #6. You will be amazed by how they are able to complete the x2 version of the song here!

#8 Skyway Dance Practice

Not any title track of theirs, but this is really a good dance with all the precise moves from them. Love this because of the choreography.

#9 Look (Switch Part version) Dance Practice

Cutest dance practice when they randomly switch parts. One Bambam got back his own role and the rest switched and get confused.

JB > Jinyoung
Mark > Jackson
Jackson > Mark
Jinyoung > Yugyeom
Youngjae > JB
Bambam > Bambam
Yugyeom > Youngjae

#10 Never Ever (unreleased) dance practice

I don’t really need to explain how much I love their dance style. Amazing how they dance differently with their own style but when you put them together, they just sync.

EASYYY~~~ to have a few dance versions only videos that I love since I have it at the top of my head, but to give them orders took me some time.

Still, I love all of the videos and I understand how much and how hard they practice to have that few minutes of perfect performance on stage.

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