10 Best Kpop Comeback in 2018

Disclaimer: I’m totally bias to GOT7 and SHINee as well. You will be seeing quite a fair bit of them since both groups have a few releases this year. Purely based on my personal opinion.

It is a tough decision to make, since I really love the music produced this year. There will be a mixture of songs and albums.

1. Album: Present: YOU, GOT7

Released date: 17 Sep 2018

To start off with my ultimate no. 1, Present: YOU by GOT7. That is what got me so hooked up to Kpop in the second half of 2018 and went all craycray.

GOT7 released Lullaby on 17 Sep 2018 (totally does not sounds like lullaby) and the second title, I am Me, written by Jinyoung just grows on me. Because of Hard Carry 2, I fell for Save You.

I love the entire album (almost, majority just grows on me) and their repackaged album, Present: YOU&ME too.

2. Song: Love Scenario, iKON

Released date: 25 Jan 2018
Album: Return

I guess this is the most addictive song of the year. I get to know the song before I notice which group sang it. No doubt this is one of the most viewed MVs in 2018 with over 220 million views in YouTube.

3. Album: Square Up, Blackpink

Released date: 15 June 2018.

Definitely no surprise that this is up. Their title track, Ddu-du Ddu du, received over 530 million views on YouTube. I do like all the four songs in the album, Forever Young, Really, but As If It’s Your Last is still my favorite Blackpink song.

4. Albums: The Story of Light EP 1, 2 & 3, SHINee

Of course I have to include them. It’s not the most perfect 10th year anniversary for them as well as Shawols, but I love that they did not give up and continue to produce music.

Released date: 28 May 2018
Album: The Story of Light, EP 1

The title track of Ep 1, Good evening, is totally different from the SHINee I used to listen (Long story short, I started my Kpop journey because of them in 2008-2009.)

Released date: 11 Jun 2018
Album: The Story of Light, EP2

Released date: 25 Jun 2018
Album: The Story of Light, EP3

Most heartbreaking song ever… Knew that Our Page will be a mellow-sad song since the teaser was released, but never do I know, I will cry even though I listen and watch without subtitles.

After the translation was released, everything that they show, sang, trying to portray in the MV make sense.

Song written by the rest of the members for late Jonghyun who left us last winter, 18 Dec 2017.

5. Album: Eyes on You, GOT7

Released date: 12 Mar 2018

Yes, another GOT7 is up! This album was released before I got really ahgase. I got to watch the MV since my sister is a true blue ahgase, but I got really attracted by Jinyoung since Look. Since my first impression of him in Dream High 2, Just Right, “OMG, just so charismatic now!”

Title track, Look, written by defsoul (GOT7 Leader, JB). This is also another song that will slowly grows on you.

The second title track, Thank You, is slowly growing on me only after I look at the lyrics and their studio version. Also, written by Jinyoung.

6. Album: New Chapter No. 1: The Chance of Love, TVXQ

Released date: 28 Mar 2018

OPPAs!… Probably my favorite TVXQ song since that split into JYJ & TVXQ. Love both the promoting tracks, Love Line and The Chance of Love.

7. Album: SOLO, Jennie Kim (Blackpink)

Released date: 12 Nov 2018

The queen is going solo-lo-lo-lo-lo. Blackpink is one of my favorite Kpop girl group, or maybe my favorite at the moment.

She’s just so charming and I only started to like them early this year…?! The girls are so different on and off stage which you can observe from Blackpink House and other variety shows that they have appearance on.

Or particularly check our Jennie in Village Survival, the Eight as a fixed member.

8. Song: BbiBbi, IU

I love the meaning behind the song, the lyrics is just brilliant. Thumbs Up to Jieun!!!

9. Album: Summer Nights, Twice

Released date: 9 Jul 2018

The title track, Dance the night away, is probably one of my favorite Twice song apart from Cheer Up. Up beat and pretty addictive song that makes you move along with the music.

Included in the album, I also like What is Love? that was actually an earlier comeback written by JYP. Other tracks like Chillax, Shot thru the heart are happy-sweet songs that I listen mostly while playing the game [SuperStar JYPNATION].

10. Song: Beautiful Pain, BTOB

Released: 12 Nov 2018
Album: Hour Moment

One of my favorite ballad groups in the Kpop industry. Got quite a couple of their songs in my Apple Music and some of which I like it even before I know who BTOB was.

Surprised that there’s no BTS, MOMOLand, Taeyeon….? I guess it will take some time for me to get to them. I’m a late-bloomer for even GOT7 which is turning 5 soon.

But i’m starting to like music by Day6, the charm that Stray Kids are showing and many more… Hope they will have a good show during MAMA 2018 Hong Kong (14 December 201*), and carry an award back to Seoul in their respective categories!

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