10 Best YouTube production videos of GOT7

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The next series will be credits to all the YouTubers and companies out there for their brilliant creation of the video content.

#1 Dingo Music – GOT7 – Lullaby Jackpot Live

I did not get it the first time I watch it, but it will slowly grows on you once you get it!

It is definitely a #purechaos there, also the kind that I like!

#2  Dingo Music  – 100 seconds

Really love this video as it showcase their songs in 100 secs. It is good for non-ahgases to listen and watch their performance for the first time.

#3 Piki Pictures – After Mom Is Asleep

This is one of the funniest video of GOT7. Been re-watching it countless times and it is still funny to see them enjoying the process and the penalties!

#4 Dingo Music – Never Ever Cooking Live

This is probably one of the most repeated video that I’ve been watching. Even more than the MV itself.

#5 Dingo Music – You Are Van Live

I love Carpool a lot, so this is also another heavily rotated videos for me.

#6 Dingo K-drama – What if GOT7 interns worked with you?

#wanggaeparkgae Moments

How different they behave in the same environment as an intern. How Jackson save his own lines before he almost cursed and Jinyoung amused by it.

#7 Piki Pictures – Lullaby (Fan Chant)

This is the best way to learn fan chant and see them relax in this cozy set.

#8 1theK – Ask in a box: GOT7

One of the cutest interviews that I watched! Especially when Jinyoung rank the percentage of the likelihood each members have a chance to be his younger sister’s boyfriend. (It is fiction guys.)

And also leading up to that, Jackson’s comment about how Bambam will behave in a relationship is pure hilarious!

#9 Dingo K-Drama – The Future Diary, Where Magic Happens

The 97s, BFF in GOT7 sabo each other in this series.

#10 Thumbs – Jinyoung and Yugyeom

Tom & Jerry of GOT7, Jinyoung and Yugyeom was featured in Thumbs last Christmas.

They released a couple of videos of them on YouTube, but my favourite one is this particular one!

There are more good productions out there, here are just my current favorites.

Is it me or you can also spot the trend, Dingo really produce good content on YouTube and they are my current favorite YouTube account now!

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