3 Idols/Actor to enlist in March

A mandatory process for all men in Korea, to serve their nation when they reached a certain age. The practice is slightly different compared to Singapore when guys will enter the army when they turned 18 years old.

1. Key – SHINee

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Second member in SHINee that will be enlisting on 4 March 2019. He will fulfill his military service by serving in the military band. Joining Onew that was enlisted 10 Dec 2018, and Minho reveal to have plans to enlist in 2019 as well.

SHAWOLS~ Hang in there!

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2. N (Cha Hakyeon) – VIXX

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Together with SHINee’s Key, N will be serving the mandatory military service by serving in the military band. He will be enlisting on 4 March 2019 as well.

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3. Lee Jong Suk – Actor

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If you watched W – Two Worlds or the currently airing Romance Is a Bonus Book you will be familiar with him.

He will be enlisting on 8 March 2019 as a public service agent due to his old injury which means he is not fit to service as an active solider.

The news of him confirming his enlistment date is pretty recently which means we are not going to see him onscreen until 2 Jan 2021. Of course, no one will stop you from rewatching any of his dramas.

My favorite will be W – Two Worlds and also While You Are Sleeping.

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Breathe in and breath out, the list will go on as most of the 2nd Generation Kpop group members are reaching the age (born in 1989 – 1991) to serve the military. 

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