6 Title Songs I love – Twice


I would not say I’m a ONCE (Twice Fandom name), but I started to notice and follow them since Cheer Up. That song really hits me and by listening to it really do Cheer Me Up. Believe that was the song that brings them fame and recognition.

For any idol group, there will bound to be a few songs that might not entice you. Even you are totally into them, the lyrics might not trigger your love.

However, I guess Twice has good tracks that made into the various playlists. Mainly playlist for like your Morning Jams, Workout Tracks or when you are feeling down. Since they recently released FANCY, I’ve decided to internally rank their songs.

1. Dance the Night Away

Be it the beats, the choreography, the music video just filled with sunshine and happy holiday mood.

Perfect Summer Song

Current views: 167 Million

2. What is love?

My first impression of the Music Video, “Woah, this is from this this movie…” They confirmed that they are using scenes from Romeo+Juliet, Princess Diaries, Lala Land etc.

The bridge of the song sang by Jihyo always gives me goosebumps while listening.

Current views: 268 Million

3. Cheer Up

As I mentioned above, this is the track that made me start to follow them. The song that I need whenever feeling down.

Current view: 331 Million

4. TT

The Halloween themed song made it a hit in Korea and everywhere in the globe. Soon their trademark dance move “TT” appears in kdramas, variety shows etc.

Current views: 451 Million

5. Yes Or Yes

I was not drawn to it initially, but this is the song that will slowly grow on you.

Current views: 172 Million

6. Likely

Current views: 373 Million

There are more tracks I like, “Heart Shaker”, “Chillax”, “Knock Knock” and their debut song “Ooh Ah”. Do check out their latest Fancy music video and song.

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