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8 Favorite Performance in Produce X 101

The series of Produce X 101 have finally ended on 19 Jul, however, it is also a new beginning for X1 members.

The 101 trainees put up very good performance throughout the shows ever since the start of their audition. Even though only 11 members made it to debut as X1, we will still anticipate the other trainees to slowly make their debut through respective agencies.

Here are a few performance that I really enjoy watching.

#1 Love Shot

7 Trainees: Kim Woo Seok, Kim Si Hun, Cho Seung Youn, Lee Han Gyul, Hong Seong Jun, Lee Se Jin and Keum Dong Hyun

This is probably the song that draws huge response and also the performance that left me strong impressions on Kim Woo Seok and Lee Han Gyul. 3 out of 7 are now members of X1.

#2 Swalla (remix)

6 Trainees: Kang Hyeon Su, Park Sun Sol, Kim Min Seo, Wang Jyun Hao, Lee Tae Seung and Choi Jun Seong.

Enjoyed the entire 2:14 of their performance even though I really see them as a whole and not really individual performance.

#3 Lullaby

7 Trainees: Choi Su Hwan, Yun Jung Hwan, Song Yu Vin, Lee Ha Min, Joo Chang Uk, Baek Jin and Hwang Geum Ryul.

It’s obvious that this is the reason why I even start watching Produce X 101 series. Because the trainees used GOT7’s song Lullaby and Girls Girls Girls.

Also because of this performance, I was drawn to Song Yu Vin. He made it to the top 20 but sadly, he is not fated to debut as X1 member.

#4 Believer (remix)

6 Trainees: Kim Kook Heon, Hwang Yun Seong, Keum Dong Hyun, Kim Dong Bin, Park Sun Ho and Son Dong Pyo.

Park Sun Ho’s performance here level up my impression of him. Ever since I watched the first audition and how the trainers (especially Soyou) got so emotional, I remember him.

This dance performance by the 6 trainees make me “WOW” and replay it several times. Sun Ho made it to the top 26 and Dong Pyo is a member of X1.

#5 Boss

6 Trainees: Lee Jin Hyuk, Han Seung Woo, Kim Yo Han, Lee Eun Sang, Son Dong Pyo and Cha Jun Ho.

VISUALS!!! Obviously I’m really drawn to Yo Han (from the beginning). I will listen to the original (by NCT U) because of their performance.

4 out of 6 trainees made it to X1 including Kim Yo Han, Son Dong Pyo, Cha Jun Ho and Han Seung Woo. Even Lee Jin Hyuk is the member that people want him to debut so much.

Is this the legendary avengers team?

#6 U Got It

6 Trainees: Kim Woo Seok, Hwang Seung Woo, Cha Jun Ho, Kim Yo Han and Lee Eun Sang

In episode 10, there’s the 5 written songs for the Top 31 trainees and my favorite song and performance will be U Got It. The song is available in iTunes as well!

#7 X1-MA

You can’t miss out the title track of the entire show. But I prefer the Top 20’s version of X1-MA when Yo Han is the center. (IM BIAS, I KNOW)

#8 Dream For You

I really like the song and really how the parts are distributed and camera pan here and there nicely.

Just goosebumps every time I listen to this song.

The lyrics goes “I will sing for you forever and dream for you”

Do you have the same favorite performance? 

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