9 best Kpop comebacks in 2019


Since I’ve started to document my favorite comebacks for 2018, I shall continue it this year. Another good year for music but not the entertainment as a whole with the amount of scandals, negative news etc.

Here, I did include some songs that was released this year which are amazing on its own.

#1 Call My Name – GOT7

Released: 4 November 2019

This is my favorite comebacks from GOT7, especially after Lullaby (Present: You) that pulled me into the ahgase world. You calling my name is another music genre that you will not see other groups using, but here, our boys are experimenting.

The sensual, sexy title track alone is captivating hearts. Crash & Burn also hit me hard when I first listen to the EP and Thursday, Run Away just grows on me.

I love the entire album!

#2 Emergency: Quantum Leap – X1

Release: 27 Aug 2019

X1 is a group that debut from a survival show, Produce X 101. The 11 boys made their debut showcase with Flash and I really love it. Disregarding all the manipulation negative news that the boys have no say, I really hope they are not affected deeply.

#3 Drunk on Love – Jang Hyejin and Yun Min Soo

술이 문제야 Drunk on love is a really sad ballad song that I instantly like when I first click to listen. The more you listen, the more you can resonate the pain they are trying to convey through the song.

#4 Map of the Soul: Persona – BTS

Release: 12 Apr 2019

Not the biggest ARMY here, but I am really drawn to the song “Boy with Luv” ft. Halsey and that is by far my favorite BTS’s song.

#5 Love Poem – IU (Lee Ji Eun)

Release: 18 November 2019

I really love the title Blueming, and yes she is smashing all the charts again with the album release. Above the Time 시간의 바깥 is the first song that I’ve listened to in the album, and also watched the MV where she invited Lee Hyunwoo that also stars in her MV You & I.

#6 Sailing – AMKU

Release: 25 Sep 2019

So in love with the sorrow song, How can I love the heartbreak, you’re the one I love 어떻게 이별까지 사랑하겠어, 널 사랑하는 거지, in the album Sailing.

#7 Spinning Top: Between Security & Insecurity – GOT7

Release: 20 May 2019

To be very honest, I was really anticipating for the comeback back then. When Eclipse first release, I was “hmm, interesting, that’s nice. Very Jpop feel.” But WOAH, the choreography is on a next level guys.

Eclipse is a song that will grow on you. Side track, I really love Page especially the part when Jackson sing “I think I love you” during their world tour!

#8 Rooftop – N.Flying

Release: 2 Jan 2019

The album, FLY HIGH PROJECT #2 ‘Rooftop’ was release almost at the strike of 2019. I was delighted to listen and watch the performance live when N.Flying performed in Singapore.

N.Flying debuted back in 2013 and I remember them as one of the rare band group in the Kpop scene. Glad that they still carry on and now got more recognized.

#9 Focus – JUS2

Release: 3 March 2019

The second sub-unit group from GOT7 consist of JB and Yugyeom made its debut on the 3 March 2019. That makes JUS2 the magnae of the company which is real cute.

The R&B, Soul is the essence of the entire album. It was a privilege to listen to the entire album live during their showcase tour.


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