All you need to know about Youngjae’s Sugar comeback

Youngjae 039 S 2nd Mini Album Sugar 2022

After 7 months of wait, GOT7’s main vocalist Choi Youngjae is back with his 2nd mini album, SUGAR. The release for SUGAR happened on the 21 June 2022 and the announcement of his comeback was made shortly after GOT7’s long awaited comeback, NANANA. Our sunshine have been working hard juggling his music projects as well as a radio DJ.

The teasers was slowly and surely releasing starting from 7 June with track list, concept images, highlight medley, MV teasers and more.

Track list

The mini album contains a total of 6 tracks including the title SUGAR that is co-produced by Youngjae (as Ars), BOYTOY, Disko and many more.

From compose to lyrics and arrangement, Youngjae very hands on with all his songs including the B-tracks. Apart from him, you can see BOYTOY actively participated in all the tracks as well. Which is not a surprise if you have been following them.

  1. SUGAR (by Ars, BOYTOY, Disko(Blatinum), Jay & Rudy, Isaac Han, GHOSTCHILD LTD and 아론킴.)
  2. Focus (by Ars, BOYTOY, Disko(Blatinum), Peter Hyun, KINSHA)
  3. Crema (by Ars, BOYTOY, ATUNES)
  4. Nothing (by Ars, BOYTOY, HAHM, KAY, and more.)
  5. With You (by Ars, BOYTOY, TopTier, ATUNES and more)

Consistent collaboration with Blatinum Music as well if you observed that with BOYTOY, Disko, Peter Hyun all from Blatinum Music.

Youngjae Sugar Track List

Concept Images

There are a total of 3 different concepts for this album.

Concept 2 adds tonnes of saturation and rather fantasy with the effects.

Concept 3 shows the closest connection to the MV with a romantic guy image.

Concept 1 shows a very different side of Youngjae with the mature yet sexy silhouette of him posing with a clean cut suit.

The real deal

The main dish is here, the music video. Youngjae worked with a different director this time round for SUGAR as compared to his first solo album, VIBIN.

Directed by pasq, his other works including Stray Kids’ Freeze, Woo’s Pandemic, KARD’s BM solo MV 13IVI, and many more. Might be just a ‘me’ observation, but SUGAR has a clean and clearer storyline and build up which captures the message that he wants to sent out through his music. (Don’t get me wrong. I love and VIBE well with VIBIN.)

Romantic and catchy song. Leveraging his vocals with refreshing high notes really ‘taste like sugar’ and also his rap… man can do anything.

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