Chen Linong release 1st full album Outsider

Chen Linong, concept photos for 1st full album 格格不入

Chen Linong 陈立农 debut through the China survival program, Idol Producers with group Nine Percent ranking No.2. After Nine Percent disbanded due to the contract time and went back to their respective agencies, we are seeing more of their solo progress.

Chen Linong went back to home country Taiwan and now released a full length album, Outsider (literal translate) 格格不入.

For those who loves Mandopop, this album will adds into your karaoke list. Out of the 12 tracks, he collaborated with Lala Hsu 徐佳瑩 for Unsure 一无所知 which is beautiful. Last on the list was released previously, Masterpiece is a collaboration with Hailee Steinfeld.

Check out music video for Unsure

Check out the music video for This is How I Feel You

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