Current Fav: 9 GOT7 Ships

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Reason why I love them, the strong bond between the members and really, the bromance here is up there.

Here are the ships that I know of. I guess some ahgases might spot a few missing ones, do let me know.

1. WanggaeParkgae

Current Fav 9 Got7 Ships

Jackson and Jinyoung, one of my favorite ships among all and also the reason why this came first when I started compose this content. There are countless moments of them and there are tonnes of fan made videos available.

Current Fav 9 Got7 Ships

Same year (94 chingus) they are sometime extremely close and really cute together. Reason why is WanggaeParkgae; Wang and Park are their family name and gae means dog in Korean as both their zodiac is Dog.

2. Markjin

Mark and Jinyoung, take me higher! Another popular ship that even has very active hashtag #markjin on Twitter.

There are plenty of fan made videos about this ship that is available in YouTube.

Current Fav 9 Got7 Ships

When Jackson gets jealous over Markjin.

Current Fav 9 Got7 Ships

3. JJProject

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JB and Jinyoung, parents of GOT7 and I would consider them as soulmates. They are together ever since trainee days and even debut as JJ Project in 2012 before GOT7.

They met during an JYP open audition and team up. End up both of them tied in the 1st place out of 10,000 applicants in an unanimous vote. Ever since…

Current Fav 9 Got7 Ships

Recently, JB posted his third photo in the row on Instagram (@prdsdef) tagging Jinyoung’s account (@jinyoung_0922jy). I’m guessing that they are trying to get him verified (with the blue tick).

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4. Tom and Jerry – Jingyeom

Jinyoung (JYP) and Yugyeom (YG). Recently really love this ship, I would say they are a love-hate relationship and yeah, the Tom and Jerry. Still dorm mates and really cute when they tease each other.

Current Fav 9 Got7 Ships

Especially more now as they recently came together for a series of videos under Thumbs! (released 3 videos up to now) Watch the 2nd episode here!

5. Markson

Mark and Jackson. From my understanding, this is one of the earliest ship in GOT7 and many fans still love them. The adventurous duo.

Current Fav 9 Got7 Ships

Both take martial arts classes during trainee days and they converse is English, Mandarin and Korean.

Many ahgases want to see more of #Markson

Current Fav 9 Got7 Ships

5. 2Jae

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JB (defsoul) and Youngjae (Ars), the Hangang Park date in Hard Carry is the cutest! And their 1:13AM is the saddest, one of the most heartbreaking songs in GOT7 music library.

Aren’t they cute? 

6. 2Young

Jinyoung and Youngjae, #2Young

Jinyoung is like a mother to Youngjae…

7. Yugbam

Yugyeom and Bambam, the 97 line and best friends.

Recently they did a short program with Dingo Music (one of my favorite YouTube channel), and end up wanting to kill each other while doing the missions.

9. Markjae

Mark and Youngjae. Also, coco’s parents.

Like how Mark tease Youngjae with “No cucumber”.

I guess all the members have ship individually with another members but the ships is not as popular compared to the others. Generally, they are just a close knit group.

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