Deep dive into GOT7’s mini album ‘DYE’

GOT7 showcase comeback for DYE, Not by the moon on 20 April 2020.

For those that want to find out more about the album and the songs, continue to scroll down to find out more.

DYE‘ by GOT7 is released on 20 April 2020 with a total of six tracks including their title track ‘Not By The Moon’. DYE is the 11th mini album and the first comeback stage in 2020. For those who purchase their physical album will get to enjoy 4 more tracks that is exclusive only on CD.

#1 Aura

Co-Produced by member Choi Youngjae under the name ‘Ars’, the song express the feeling of falling deeply in love with the lyrics “This night is deep, you will light up and this moment will not end.”

#2 Crazy

Co-produced by leader JB under the name ‘DEFSOUL’, the future bass song express the moment of love.

#3 Not By the Moon

Produced by the one and only PD Park Jin Young (also the founder or JYP Entertainment) under the name ‘J.Y. Park “The Asiansoul”‘. Not By the Moon is their title track which express deep and romantic love. Lyrics mentioned ‘O Swear Not By the Moon’ for love as our love will never change until the ever changing moon.

Some part of me feels like this track is a continuous story from the previous comeback ‘Eclipse’.

#4 Love You Better

Co-produced by member Park Jin Young, Love you better is a romantic serenade song. My favorite part will be the rap by Bambam “I’ll lead you through the storm, now spread your wings. I love you before, now love you more”

#5 Trust my love

Definitely a song you can dance to, the Latin-vibe is so strong. Probably the first Latin style song (if im not wrong) with EDM bass and R&B incorporate into it.

#6 Poison

Like what Jackson said during his VLive “Poison is a ‘daddy’ song” and when it released, we see that! Poison is co-produce by member Kim Yugyeom while he is in LA previously.

I feel like this song grows on me for this album.

#7 Ride (CD Only)

Written by leader JB under the name ‘DEFSOUL’. He previously performed this song during KEEP SPINNING world tour 2019.

#8 Gravity (CD Only)

Written by ARS, our member Choi Youngjae also his solo track that he composes during the concert.

#9 God has return + Mañana (CD Only) and #10 JY & YG dance (CD Only) are also performance the members did during the 2019 world tour.

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