Favorite KPOP songs in Jan 2020

Jan 2020 Kpop Favorite

This month there are good releases and also few songs that are still stuck with me from 2019.

#1 Zico – Any Song

This is probably the champion song in Jan for me. Any Song is just so catchy and I think the way Zico and his agency promote this digital single is super smart. Now that #anysongchallenge is trending, you can tell how much people love this title.

Ong Seong Woo – We Belong

The first few seconds listening to the beats.. “I LOVE IT”.
Released on 9 Jan 2020.

IU – Blueming

Not the latest release yet is it still a catchy song that I constantly play. Blueming will instantly cheer me up and feel super happy.

B OF YOU (B.O.Y) – My Angel

Ex-MYTEEN, PDX101 trainees. These boys from Music Works finally made a re-debut with the title track My Angel. Both strong vocals and especially Yuvin caught my eyes since PDX101.

GOT7 – Thursday

Absolute favorite song. Really absorb all the sweetness in a song. Everytime they perform this track, they look so happy and enjoying the stage. As a fan, I feel happy as well.

Winner – Millions

After watching Kang’s Kitchen 3, I can’t help but relating back to Winner. Previously I only managed to get myself hung on Really Really and after watching their live performance in 2019, I recall the melody from “Millions”.

Red Velvet – Psycho

After Umpah Umpah, this is one of my favorite Red Velvet recent comebacks.

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