Favorite moments in 2018 MAMA Fan’s Choice Japan

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Since the 2018 MAMA vote opened, fans are actively voting for quite long period and it slowly build up to D-DAY.

MAMA 2018, Korea – 10 December 2018
MAMA 2018, Japan – 12 December 2018
MAMA 2018, Hong Kong – 14 December 2018

Here are some of my favorite moments from the performance last night in Japan.

#1 GOT7 (JB, Jinyoung, Yugyeom) collaboration with MONSTA X for Bigbang’s Fantastic Baby

Totally not expecting this and thought it will be a special stage between JB, Jinyoung and Yugyeom only. Jinyoung being the lead dancer and center of the performance just makes me happy!

#2 Jinyoung catches heart from ahgase representative

Just so cute of him, and the reaction from JB is priceless. He look like he want to disown JY.

#3 GOT7 received Top 10 Worldwide Fan’s Choice award

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Even though they did not get the final award for the night, but ahgases worked hard and went all out.

#4 Twice performance, Intro + Yes or Yes

I mean, they did a intro with my favorite movie of the year, The Greatest Showman, how can I not include it!

#5 Twice special stage for What is Love?

Just goosebumps all the way. From Jihyo’s stunning costume that mimick the Greatest Showman to the rap line portion and Jihyo’s part at the bridge.

#6 Jinyoung featured in the Opening video


Only special people can change the world!

#7 JB, Yugyeom combine stage for Bounce

Can’t wait for the major MAMA 2018 Hong Kong show tomorrow! Hope GOT7 will bring home something!

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