Favorite performance on KBS Song Festival 2019

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By far the best year-end performance/awards show. Love how they really a song festival that embraces all the music.

MCs: Jinyoung (GOT7), Irene (Red Velvet) and Shin Dong Yup
Date: 27 Dec 2019, 7:50 PM (KST)
Venue: Ilsan Kintex, Seoul

Opening – Song Ga In

Love how they start off the show with trot singer singing and lining up all the kpop groups on stage and using trot music to introduce the line-up. What’s more, she stood in front of GOT7 and gives Youngjae and Jb more screentime.

Closing – Everyone, The Earth Traveler

I can’t express how much I love this! It is so rare to find such performance in the nowadays Kpop which all the idols join hands to sing one song.

My previous favorite of a similar stage was back in 2013 during the SBS Gayo Daejeon, and also when dear JH (SHINee) sang the high note solo, You are a miracle.

GOT7 – Stop, Stop It (remix) and You Call My Name

I mean, when the list was leaked and I saw the title 하지하지마, I am so hyped! Plus, they are performing YCMN! And also, they seem to be the only group that did not lipsync (obviously) apart from Twice when I caught Nayeon’s mic on and off for a tiny beat.

TXT – Replay 누난 너무 예뻐 (by SHINee)

I was really surprised that they perform SHINee’s debut song., As a Shawol, goosebumps just immediately appear.

N. Flying – Rooftop (remix)

Not the usual hyped-up Rooftop that you hear, this stage, N.Flying remake the Rooftop into something more soothing.

Collaboration stages

I love collab stages! But ever since the Kpop world is expanding internationally, the collab stages decrease due to the busy schedules the idols have. So these performances are really precious.

Hip Song – Yugyeom (GOT7), Shownu (Monsta X) and Mingyu (Seventeen)

Mr. Mr. – Joy (Red Velvet), Yerin (GFriend) and Hayoung (Apink)

JaeHyuns (from Golden Child, N.Flying, NCT127, The Boyz)

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