Favourite performance from MBC Music Festival 2019

2019 MBC Music Festival performance

From my previous post, you will know the potential performance and collaboration stages that will be aired on the final day of 2019 and the start of 2020.

#1 Just a feeling (S.E.S) by Vocal Line of NU’EST, GOT7, and MONSTA X

I just love it so so so much! From NU’EST we have Baekho and Minhyun, MONSTA X we have Shownu and Kihyun, GOT7 we have JB and Youngjae. They are vocals for a reason, just so lovely how their voice blends in and create such harmony.

#2 GOT7 – Come On and Thursday

No, I cannot miss this performance out! Come On is on the stage for the first time and Thursday is my favorite happy song from Call My Name. Just, it will be perfect if Yugyeom performs as well. (GET WELL SOON, GIANT MAGNAE)

#3 Boy with Luv (BTS) by Jang Sung Kyu, NCT Dream, and Stray Kids

This is up here because I can feel how much effort and practice spent for Jang Sung Kyu to dance along with NCT Dream and Stray Kids.

#4 Remix of Clap and You’re the best by Seventeen and MAMAMOO

So happy that my favorite MAMAMOO song is back on the stage, You’re the Best is the song that made me pay attention to them. And Clap by Seventeen just blends in together nicely.

#5 Dance performance by Jang Woo Hyuk and Chungha

Seeing GOTTA GO too many times? Now we got a real collab stage where Jang Woo Hyuk dance the highlight with her together. I feel that chemistry here!

What’s your favorite stage?

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