Got POISON by GOT7 stages

GOT7 Poison

I should be promoting their title track Not by the moon more but I can’t help loving Poison more. Feels like it is me again When Thursday was subconsciously on repeat even though I love You Calling My Name.

For non-iGOT7, we want to promote their non title tracks some of which are debate amongst fans that they should be the title instead. Anyway, back on track… here are the list of Poison performance by GOT7.


Inkigayo – 26 April 2020

Studio Choom – 25 April 2020

Show! Music Core – 25 April 2020

Music Bank – 24 April 2020

M Countdown – 23 April 2020

Gentlemen in suit. Visually stunning and look at Jackson and Jinyoung aka jinson (#wanggaeparkgae) wearing 3 pieces suit and baby Youngjae suddenly grow up to a fine man with the specs that elevates his style.