GOT7 5th Anniversary Fan Meeting


Truly amazing experience watching them live right in front of my eyes. I can’t miss out on how cool it is to watch them live in Seoul, South Korea as well, the very country that they debut in.

Able to get tickets for the 5th Anniversary Fan Meeting is a blessing, and to get tickets for both day 1 and 2 is extremely lucky. I’m super lucky to be able to be there and be part of it. It was also an unforgettable nerve wreaking experience trying to book our tickets through Melon on the 17 Dec 2018 (open for public purchase at 7PM SGT).

My first GOT7 Live is not their concert but I love the fan meet, since they are cheeky and also more relax and informal on stage.

Day 1: 5 Jan 2019 (JB’s father’s Birthday) @ 4pm (KST)
Day 2: 6 Jan 2019 (JB’s birthday) @ 12pm (KST)

Theme – Soccer

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Team Chuuchuu – Youngjae, Jinyoung and Mark (credits: GOT7 Official)
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Yugyeom, Bambam and Jackson (credits: GOT7 Official)

Day 1 – #GOT75thFanMeeting

Could not content the excitement that is going though my head and body. Really excited and nervous at the same time. First time seeing them live and in Seoul.

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Everyone is thankful that we are able to see Mark joining the fan meet since he is still recovering from the leg injury during practice of the special stage. We do appreciate even he is just sitting down and rap/sing.

Also, really glad that Jinyoung keep walking towards him during performance. #Markjin is really super strong throughout both days.

Games – I really love the random play dance portion!

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Day 1 – Group picture of GOT7 with iGOT7 (ahgases) Notice that only Jinyoung show the side with all the members. <3 (Credits: GOT7 Official)

During the end speech/message from each members, Mark broke down to tears. According to him, it is not tears because he is sad. Here’s the translation of the full episode. Can also tell that Bam’s mature!

Handwritten letters by GOT7 for Day 1, translation by @haetbitmark.

Day 2 – #CutieSexyJaebeomDay

Was definitely expecting the same line up and flow of the entire fan meet, but all I can say is GOT7 knows iGOT7 (ahgases) well.

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They switch up all the games and honestly, I love it a lot! Finally JB gave in and gear up with the bunny ears with the rest of the members and did the short song with ageyo overload!

Since it was JB’s actual birthday, we did expect cake and song. But what I did not expect is the first time the entire hall of ahgases sang HDB song to the abandon JB on the stage all alone by himself. I was really touched and moved by the voice of ahgases and really proud to be part of this fandom.

One of my favorite moment on D2 includes Gyeomi’s random dance. He is probably one of the few male idols that dance to female idols song with his own style which is still similar to the original dance.

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Day 2 – Group picture of GOT7 with iGOT7 (ahgases) (Credits: GOT7 Official)

They also ended the day with member’s handwritten letters to ahgases. But of course I can’t read Korean well, so I waited for translation to be out.

Translation of the message, Jinyoung.

Mark also later tweeted on his own account (the message, the translation).

Fan Projects & Official Merchandise

Really salute and applaud the various fan projects that is happening during both the days. The amount of hard work and money these ahgases provides are way above my league. I do appreciate every single one that I received from them.

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No idea when is the next time I will get to see them live again. Hopefully the 2019 World Tour? Please come to Singapore!

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