GOT7 is back charming with the romantic MV ‘Not By The Moon’

Yes, I took a day to get this up while enjoying the MV to the fullest. When my notification tweet from JYP Entertainment first pop up at 6 PM (KST), my heart went “ohmo ohmo, its here’

The song killer would be JB and Youngjae’s high notes. I mean I could hear Youngjae‘s high note since they released the 2nd teaser, but did not anticipate JB’s one. Visually they killed it, but the particular eye catching one in the MV will be Jackson where he sit in his throne with two different style dancers beside him.

Due to the covid-19 situation, they are unable to have a full-house in for their showcase comeback. What they did really warms ahgases’ heart, they printed and label each chair with one ahgase name.

Screen grab during the showcase comeback on VLive

Time to support their album!

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